Samples from my cover and spread in L’Allure des Mots.

Model: Mika Lovely
Photographer: Sam Beasley

Lust - See the full set here!

Model: Mika Lovely
Photographer: corwinprescott
Latex: VauntD

No Peeking.

Mika Lovely x corwinprescott

Reblogging permitted with all credits retained. 

Love your work very beautiful.

Thank you so much :) <3

What does it mean to model for you?

The meaning and purpose has changed over the years for me.

I started out doing it for fun and nothing more.
It grew on me pretty quickly and I began getting hired for shoots. Modeling soon turned into my job, and now, practically my life.

As of now, it’s a way to express myself and desires, a way to create something, a method of becoming someone or something different - as well as my bread and butter.


In bed with Mika Lovely | wearing Hopeless Lingerie & L’Agent stockings

by Corwin Prescott

I love shooting with corwinprescott and theresnoplacelikeyourmouth.

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Mika Lovely x Allen Henson

So deep and beautiful

Gracias :)

I want to do naughty things to you 😈

Get away; not today.

Or ever. 

1st: You're just simply stunning & your pics are awesome :-) 2nd: So very nice to see an attractive model with pubic hair these days! :-)

Thank you so much!

Actually, there’s plenty of them! It’s been a trend for the last 2-3 years; the bush is making a comeback XD