if each one of my tumblr followers donated one buck to modelcon fundraising, we’d exceed our goal

yeah yeah yeah keep those one dollar bills rollin in! 

seriously super thanks to everyone who has already contributed a dollar (much more for some of you!) thanks so much for helping this move towards becoming a reality!

every dollar seriously counts!

Seriously, guys. We’d really appreciate it if you would help donate to create the first ever model convention. We’re going to shake up the freelance modeling community! <3

Finding photos of me on the Tumblrz :)

Model/MUA: Mika Lovely
Photographer: carlyrocksphotography


modelmika from the Knowing We’ll Be Here boudoir series, also with model keiragrant….more coming soon, but saving the best for publication or something fancy like that!! 

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we’ll be selling a few @mexchoc designs at the #trillbazaar tonight at the ND - 502 Brushy Creek Austin , Texas. @_peligrosa @dj_orion @dang #phranchyze and a lot more folks will be in the house. come kick it. modeled by @Mika lovely shot by #studiomg

Work with Mad Dogs :)

Model/MUA: Mika Lovely

MD, DC, VA, and Philly this month! Booking now :)

DC Workshops with open slots:
April 25th - Vintage Sexy with Mika Lovely

Featured on Yume Magazine’s blog - check out the whole editorial here! Hopefully, we’ll also be in the print version of the magazine this year <3

Model/MUAH/Styling: Mika Lovely
Photographer: John Eliis

Reblogging permitted with credits retained :)

Model/MUAH/Styling: Mika Lovely
Photographer: Piotr Stryjewskit / Nice and Simple Photography

Model/MUAH/Styling: Mika Lovely
Photographer: Piotr Stryjewski / Nice and Simple Photography

Reblogging permitted with credits retained :)

Self explanatory ;)

Zivity » Leave the City

My new set “Leave the City” is live now on Zivity! Take a look »>

Leave the City - new set by @corwinprescott coming to Zivity very soon!
Model/MUA: Mika Lovely
Latex by: VauntD