Model: Mika Lovely (

Photographer/Metal Work: Alberto Bevacqua

You are absolutely stunning! I have been impressed with every single shot I've seen of you thus far! Where you raised in Miami? That's my hometown and it's exciting to know that you're located there. Much love!! Xxo

Hi Alexandra!

Thank you :) No, I actually grew up in the Keys - about an hour south of Miami proper. 


Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Mika Lovely - Nicole Vaunt

Love this GIF that Gila Photo made during our shoot yesterday!

Model/Styling: Mika Lovely (

My interview with Junnnktank just went live! Take a look and read when you get a chance 👍

Model: Mika Lovely
Photographer: John Blackthorne

Samples from my cover and spread in L’Allure des Mots.

Model: Mika Lovely
Photographer: Sam Beasley

Lust - See the full set here!

Model: Mika Lovely
Photographer: corwinprescott
Latex: VauntD

No Peeking.

Mika Lovely x corwinprescott

Reblogging permitted with all credits retained. 

Love your work very beautiful.

Thank you so much :) <3